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Customised Creations

An item of your request or one of our creations made in your size

When you have an event that you need to attend and want to look special, or you want a specific item, you can relax.


Our promise to you is that we'll get the job done to your full satisfaction.

We mainly design and create clothing for ladies, but we enjoy tailoring for men too.



Making the most of the

things you love

A button came off, the zip needs replacing, you lost weight or your dress just doesn't sit right on you, we can solve it.

The fashion industry is a big contributor to global pollution. It's estimated that, globally, a rubbish truck full of clothes ends up in landfill every second.

Therefore, we encourage you to make the most of clothes that you love.




How It Works

That one special thing

We all have that one special thing in our wardrobe that we just cannot let go!​


If your favourite dress is beginning to look tired, stained or damaged - we

are here to help!

1. Contact us

2. Tell us your requirements

3. Estimate and agree timescales

4. Detailed measurements

5. Receive your item

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